Following is a list of freeware that provides information on environmental issues related to population. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

By The Global Education Project. Earth is a graphic look at the state of the world. This online resource presents data and commentaries on the condition of the world's environment - both natural and human - using 15 maps and 99 charts and graphs to create one big picture.

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI)
By Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN). Find information about environmental treaties and national resource indicators relevant to nine global environmental issues: 1) land use/land cover change and desertification, 2) global climate change, 3) stratospheric ozone depletion, 4) transboundary air pollution, 5) conservation of biological diversity, 6) deforestation, 7) oceans and their living resources, 8) trade and the environment, and 9) population.

Factor Finder
By US Environmental Protection Agency. A searchable database of exposure factors and sociodemographic data for user-defined populations.

HORIZON Solutions Site
By HORIZON Communications, UNEP, UNDP, UNPF, UNICEF, Harvard University, Yale University, and the IDRC of Canada. A source of case studies on proven or promising solutions drawn from all parts of the world and from both high and low technologies. Subjects include agriculture, biodiversity, desertification, forests, oceans, fisheries, land management, energy production and consumption, population, public health, toxic chemical and pollution control, transportation, waste management, and water quality and supply.

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