Following is a list of freeware that provides information about fire protection. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. A modeling framework designed to predict cumulative impacts of smoke from forest, agricultural, and range fires. The BlueSky smoke modeling framework combines emissions, meteorology, and dispersion models to generate predictions of smoke impacts across the landscape.

By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Input fuel characteristics, lighting patterns, fuel conditions, and meteorological attributes, then CONSUME outputs fuel consumption and emissions by combustion phase. CONSUME is designed to import data directly from the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS), and the output is formatted to feed other models and provide usable outputs for burn plan preparation and smoke management requirements.

Dangerous Goods Manual App
By Knorre. The Dangerous Goods Manual Android App helps you identify hazardous materials (HazMat). Includes ERI-Cards (Emergency Response Intervention Cards) for guidance on initial actions for fire crews.

Fire Emission Production Simulator (FEPS)
By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Manages data concerning consumption, emissions and heat release characteristics of prescribed burns and wildland fires.

Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC)
By FRCC Interagency Working Group. A tool for determining the degree of departure from reference condition vegetation, fuels and disturbance regimes. Assessing FRCC can help guide management objectives and set priorities for treatments.

Fire Wars
By NOVA Online. Video: How much do forest fires contribute to global warming?

By National Institute of Standards and Technology. FIREDOC is a complete fire research bibliographic database with 80,000 holdings (published reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and audiovisual items). Each reference has complete bibliographic information.

Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS)
By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Characterizes and classifies fuelbeds to capture the structural complexity and geographical diversity of fuel components across landscapes and provide the ability to assess elements of human (e.g. logging slash) and natural (e.g. insect and disease) change. Also available as PDF file.

Landscape Management System (LMS)
By University of Washington, Yale University, and USDA Forest Service. Assists in landscape level analysis and planning of forest ecosystems by automating the tasks of stand projection, graphical and tabular summarization, stand visualization, and landscape visualization. LMS is comprised of many separate programs that make projections, produce graphical or tabular displays, store inventory information, and connect these diverse programs into a cohesive system.

MediaLab OSHA Fire Safety
By MediaLab, Inc.. This basic course describes the three common classes of fire; tells how to guard against fires in the workplace; and describes the correct procedure for handling a fire emergency.

NFPA Chemical Hazard Label
By National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Ever wonder what the numbers on a chemical hazard label mean? Here's a brief description of the label and NFPA Standard 704.

OSHA Fire Safety Advisor
By US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Addresses OSHA's general industry standards for fire safety and emergency evacuation (Subpart E, 29CFR 1910.36, 37, and 38), and for firefighting, fire suppression, and fire detection systems and equipment (Subpart L, 29CFR1910.156 through 165). It asks you about a building and business policies and practices to prepare the guidance you need.

Smokey Bear Games
By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Games that relate to fire fighting.

By US National Library of Medicine. WISER is a system designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice. Available for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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