Following is a list of freeware that provides information on drinking water resources. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

Arsenic Treatment DVD
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. Contains 6 short videos that showcase the real world application of various arsenic treatment removal technologies. To order a copy of this DVD, call 800-490-9198 and refer to EPA 816-C-05-005.

Arsenic Treatment Technology Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. A simple guide for selecting an arsenic treatment technology. Contains decision trees that are intended for use as an iterative tool. Users work their way through the trees a number of times, modifying preferences and system-specific circumstances.

Arsenic Virtual Trade Show
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. An online resource to help water systems comply with the Arsenic Rule. Contains brief treatment technology descriptions, interactive decision trees, questions to ask engineers and vendors when choosing a treatment technology, and a searchable vendor database.

Drinking Water Academy's Training Modules
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. The Drinking Water Academy provides information and online training modules to ensure that water professionals, public officials, and involved citizens have the knowledge and skills necessary to protect our drinking water supply.

Envirofacts Warehouse
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Allows you to retrieve environmental information from EPA databases on Superfund sites, drinking water, toxic and air releases, hazardous waste and Biennial Reporting System data, water discharge permits, and grants information. Use online queries to retrieve data or generate maps of environmental information by choosing from several mapping applications available through EPA's Maps On Demand.

EPA Data Finder
By US Environmental Protection Agency. This site is a single place to find a vast selection of EPA data sources, organized into topics such as air and water that are in easily downloadable formats. Data Finder points to data in downloadable formats to speed up environmental research. For each data source, you can see a basic overview, including the geographic scale and other contextual information, then access the data source itself.

HORIZON Solutions Site
By HORIZON Communications, UNEP, UNDP, UNPF, UNICEF, Harvard University, Yale University, and the IDRC of Canada. A source of case studies on proven or promising solutions drawn from all parts of the world and from both high and low technologies. Subjects include agriculture, biodiversity, desertification, forests, oceans, fisheries, land management, energy production and consumption, population, public health, toxic chemical and pollution control, transportation, waste management, and water quality and supply.

Interactive Sampling Guide for Drinking Water System Operators
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. As interactive CD-Rom and web site designed to support the US EPA's public drinking water sustainable infrastructure efforts. The purpose of this guide is to help drinking water system owners and operators better understand the general procedures involved in collecting Safe Drinking Water Act compliance samples. Additional sample shipping suggestions, sample tips, and sample requirements are made available within the body of this interactive guide.

Interactive Workshop on the Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. A companion CD to the US EPA's eleven arsenic training events held in 2005. It features user-friendly navigation through the world of arsenic treatment, including audio commentary from the nation's top experts. To order, call 800-490-9198 and refer to EPA 625-C-05-004.

National Drinking Water Contaminant Occurrence Database (NCOD)
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. This site provides a library of water sample analytical data (or samples data) that EPA is currently using and has used in the past for analysis, rulemaking, and rule evaluation. The drinking water sample data, collected at Public Water Systems, are for both regulated and unregulated contaminants.

Pesticides in Surface and Ground Water of the United States
By US Geological Survey, National Water Quality Assessment. Tables of the final results from the first cycle of NAWQA water-quality data collection during 1992-1996 include analyses of 76 pesticides and 7 selected pesticide degradation products in about 8,200 samples of ground water and surface water in 20 of the nation's major hydrologic basins.

Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS)
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Contains information about US public water systems and their violations of EPA's regulations for safe drinking water. Search by state or ID number.

Search the EPA Internet
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Search the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) web site.

Updated Arsenic Treatment Interactive Decision Tree Online
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water. Companion document to the "Arsenic Treatment Technology Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems."

Vulnerability Self Assessment Software Tool (VSAT)
By Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies. Provides a system for water and wastewater utilities seeking to analyze their vulnerability to both intentional threats and natural disasters. VSAT organizes data, supports vulnerability analyses, and documents the analyses for potential utility assets including physical plant, employees, knowledge base, information technology, and customers. Includes reference libraries of both potential threats and countermeasures, and provides a method for managing the information generated by security vulnerability assessments.

By Forester Media, Inc.. Waterprint is an iPhone app that calculates how much water is imbedded in your daily activities, including what you wear, eat and drink. It includes a Waterprint calculator that tells you how much water it takes to grow a banana, manufacture a T-shirt, or brush your teeth.

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