Following is a list of freeware that provides tools to help you comply with the Clean Water Act, the Oil Pollution Act, and similar international requirements. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

GEMI Local Water Tool (LWT)
By Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI). A tool for companies and organizations to evaluate the external impacts, business risks, opportunities and management plans related to water use and discharge at a specific site or operation. The GEMI Local Water Tool™(LWT) for Oil and Gas is a tool customized for petroleum companies.

National Response Center Online Reporting
By National Response Center (NRC). Report an oil or chemical spill to the National Response Center online.

Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB)
By US Environmental Protection Agency. The National Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB) is designed to be a single point of access to EPA and state water quality standards (WQS) information. This website provides access to several WQS reports that provide information about designated uses, waterbody names, state numeric water quality criteria, and EPA recommended numeric water quality criteria. The WQSDB allows users the ability to compare WQS information across the Nation using standard reports. This is the final release (December 2007).

Watershed Plan Builder
By US Environmental Protection Agency. The Watershed Plan Builder is an interactive tool that will help you produce a customized watershed based plan outline.

By North Carolina State University (NCSU) Water Quality Group. WATERSHEDSS (WATER, Soil, and Hydro- Environmental Decision Support System) was designed to help watershed managers and land treatment personnel identify their water quality problems and select appropriate best management practices.

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