Following is a list of freeware that provides information and tools for helping communities improve environmental quality. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

AirCasting App
By HabitatMap. AirCasting is an Android app for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data using your smartphone. Each AirCasting session lets you capture real-world measurements, annotate the data to tell your story, and share it via the CrowdMap. AirCasting is an open source project.

Community Sustainability Assessment
By Global Eco-village Network. Helps communities assess their ecological, social and spiritual accomplishments and chart directions toward ever increasing sustainability.

By Earth911, Inc. . Find out the closest place where you can recycle various hazardous materials and household wastes.

By Raureif. EcoChallenge accompanies you on your iPhone every day with information and reminders to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ecological Footprint
By Redefining Progress. Calculate a rough estimate of your ecological footprint. The ecological footprint measures what we consume of nature. It shows how much productive land and water we occupy to produce all the resources we consume and to take in all the waste we make.

EMAS Tool Kit for Small Organisations
By International Network for Environmental Management. Step-by-step guidance on implementing an environmental management system (according to ISO 14001) that meets the requirements of the Community Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and getting your site registered under the scheme.

GEF Project Database
By Global Environment Facility. The Global Environment Facility (GEF), established in 1991, helps developing countries fund projects and programs that protect the global environment. GEF grants support projects related to biodiversity, climate change, international waters, land degradation, the ozone layer, and persistent organic pollutants. Search projects by country, type, date, keyword, etc.

Green Vehicle Guide
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Find information about the air pollution emissions and fuel economy performance of different vehicles.

My Green Apps
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Find more than 100 apps that developers have made about the environment. You can sort the apps by topic or platform, or suggest an existing app you think EPA should add to the site.

One Small Act
By NBCUniversal. An app that informs people about what they can do to ‘green’ their lives, and the impact it can have, in an entertaining way. The app allows users to set goals, track their progress and share achievements with friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can either download the app from the iTunes store or on your mobile device.

Planet Ark Environmental News Pictures
By Planet Ark. Nothing beats the power of a good photograph. Reading about rainforest deforestation doesn't have the same impact as a picture of native indians walking through recently burnt rainforest. Thanks to sponsorship from Reuter's News Agency, Planet Ark is very proud to bring you the latest environmental news pictures.

State Emergency Response Commission Contacts
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office (CEPPO). Find the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) contacts for each state and territory in US.

The Green Gumshoe
By Environmental Crime Reporter App for iPhone. If you detect a potential evironmental violation in your community, you now have the ability to report it directly to your local government agency.

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