Following is a list of freeware that provides information and tools for the design, operation, and maintenance of air pollution control facilities. Before you access any software or apps, please read our disclaimer and permissions page if you haven't already done so.

Air Compliance Advisor (ACA)
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). Addresses air pollution compliance management issues. The ACA can estimate the cost and applicability of control devices and estimate the cost of ancillary control equipment, estimate emission rates, and provide guidance with the applicability of federal regulations.

AQI Calculator: AQI to Concentration
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). Select a criteria pollutant and enter the Air Quality Index (AQI); the associated pollutant concentration and health information are indicated.

AQI Calculator: Concentration to AQI
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). Select a criteria pollutant and enter the pollutant concentration in the specified units; the Air Quality Index and associated information are calculated.

Atmospheric Properties Calculator
By The JavaScript Source. Input altitude, speed, and reference length and this online calculator will estimate temperature, density, pressure, speed of sound, viscosity, Reynolds Number, and more.

By Athena Sustainable Materials Institute. The EcoCalculator offers architects, engineers and others access to instant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results for hundreds of common building assemblies. Available in two versions: EcoCalculator for Commercial Assemblies and EcoCalculator for Residential Assemblies.

Fire Emission Production Simulator (FEPS)
By US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Manages data concerning consumption, emissions and heat release characteristics of prescribed burns and wildland fires.

Landfill Gas Emissions Model (LandGEM)
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). Estimates emission rates for methane, carbon dioxide, nonmethane organic compounds, and individual toxic air pollutants from landfills. The program can also be used by landfill owners and operators to determine if a landfill is subject to the control requirements of the federal New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for new municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills (40 CFR 60 Subpart WWW) or the emission guidelines for existing MSW landfills (40 CFR 60 Subpart Cc).

PM Calc
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Calculates controlled emissions for PM2.5 and PM10 for each point source; requires the user to input uncontrolled emissions (either total particulate or PM10) for each source, the source category classification (SCC) and the control device, if any.

Pressure Units Converter
By The JavaScript Source. Use this online calculator to convert from one unit of pressure to another, including lbs/sq inch, atmospheres, inches Hg, inches H2O, and others.

By Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. ProForm is a software tool designed to support a basic assessment of the environmental and financial impacts of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Given the necessary data, ProForm calculates basic financial indicators and avoided emissions of CO2 and local air pollutants expected from a project. Registration required.

Real Costs
By Michael Mandiberg. A Firefox plug-in that inserts emissions data into travel related e-commerce websites.

Secondary Lead Smelter eTool
By US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Provides information on engineering controls and OSHA lead requirements to assist in compliance with the OSHA Lead Standard.

TANKS (Windows)
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Estimates volatile organic compound (VOC) and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions from fixed- and floating-roof storage tanks. TANKS is based on the emission estimation procedures from Chapter 7 of EPA's Compilation Of Air Pollutant Emission Factors (AP-42). Source code and earlier versions are available.

By US Environmental Protection Agency, Waste Management and Research Center. Search Vendor Information (VendInfo) for information on more than 400 pollution prevention equipment, products, or services.

WAste Reduction Model (WARM)
By US Environmental Protection Agency. EPA created WARM to help solid waste planners and organizations track and voluntarily report greenhouse gas emissions reductions and energy savings from several different waste management practices.

WAste Reduction Model (WARM) Spreadsheet
By US Environmental Protection Agency. Calculates and totals Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of baseline and alternative waste management practices. Downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). WATER9 is a Windows based computer program and consists of analytical expressions for estimating air emissions of individual waste constituents in wastewater collection, storage, treatment, and disposal facilities; a database listing many of the organic compounds; and procedures for obtaining reports of constituent fates, including air emissions and treatment effectiveness. WATER9 is a significant upgrade of features previously obtained in the computer programs WATER8, Chem9, and Chemdat8.

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